Welcome to First Option Ventures, our services have 2 major arms which include THE SUPPLY ARM and the BARTENDING ARM . We supply to any location and we also make your parties a delight for your guests, by engaging the extraordinary skills of our Mixologist. No matter what your preference is, we've got something that would tickle your fancy. We pride ourselves in professionalism and we know and understand the desires of our clients. We can make your party, meeting, show or even a date on a private beach with that special someone a memorable one. We pride ourselves in the following:


Red wine

White wines








No matter the event, we can get your drinks to you whenever and wherever. First Option Ventures a place where your taste matters to us. From alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks, from cocktails to the best and finest of wines We can also assist you with planning your next event by providing vendors like ushers, caterers, decorators, security, and venue sourcing. Whatever you need to make that event a success, we can provide for you.

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